01NG ASSOCIATES INC. is a registered Aboriginal company.  We work alongside both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal companies to secure contracts in the areas of hydro, marine, mining, oil exploration, and aerospace and defence.  NGAI is built upon the expertise of seasoned executives who are committed to generating opportunities for our clients.  Drawing upon years of experience in both the private and public sectors, NGAI helps companies to navigate the federal, provincial and industry procurement systems on the path to success.


Our associates are:

  • Experienced in contracting at all levels of government, including governments internationally
  • Passionate about Aboriginal rights
  • Culturally sensitive
  • Strong relationship builders
  • Entrepreneurs and business executives, band leaders, law enforcement, veterans, policy makers and leaders in their chosen fields


Our Mission is to enable the world’s largest companies, from Aerospace & Defence to Marine, Exploration, Telecommunications and Hydro to gain access to a diverse group of Aboriginal Companies to partner with so as to build on each others strengths.

It is NGAI’s Vision to provide Aboriginal companies and individuals with the opportunity to participate in meaningful skills appropriate work on major international programs that they otherwise may not have had access too.


Our PromiseOur MissionOur Vision
NGAI will ensure our clients have access to superior products and services that will help them gain a competitive advantage in winning business opportunities, resulting in increased profitabilityOur mission is to enable the world’s largest companies in the fields of aerospace and defence, marine transportation, telecommunications and hydro to partner with a diverse group of Aboriginal companies in order to build upon each other’s strengths.It is NGAI’s vision to facilitate collaborative opportunities for First Nations companies to partner on major international programs that take advantage of the specialized skills our First Nations team brings to the table.


We are also looking world wide for strong Joint Venture (JV) partners to work with us in exploring opportunities in all business sectors.



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