Aboriginal Communities Gain Access to Heavy Equipment Training Courses Through an Agreement Between NG Associates Inc. & High Velocity Equipment Training College

Jan 16, 2014 – Halifax, CA – NG Associates Inc. (NGAI) announced today that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Velocity Training Canada Inc. (VTCI) of British Columbia and its strategic partner High Velocity Equipment Training College (HVETC) to market its onsite heavy equipment training and its online safety certificates.

HVETC is a provincially licensed and nationally recognized heavy equipment college where students can receive an intensive 12-week heavy equipment training course, which has an audited graduate placement rate of 94.8% of graduates earning $70K as average starting wages.  Alternatively, HVETC can bring the course to Aboriginal Communities anywhere in Canada to provide the same level of training to students onsite, while using the labor and equipment to construct a legacy project for the community.

“We are very happy to have entered into an Agreement with NG Associates to have them represent us in marketing our heavy equipment training courses.  We have enjoyed a great deal of success in Alberta and we believe that bringing NGAI in as a partner will give us the across-Canada reach we are looking for,” said Shayne Bonnough, CEO of High Velocity Equipment Training College.

Bonnough continues with: “This opportunity is in line with our approach to develop high-wage, high-value employment for Aboriginal communities and individuals across Canada.  In our unique training model, we engage industry, government, and Aboriginal communities to support students who want to move into very high paying careers with companies in the oil & gas, construction, mining, and road-building industries.  With approximately $115B in new projects in BC, AB, and SK over the next five years and many more capital projects across Canada, the demand for heavy equipment operators has never been higher.”

The newest associate partner at High Velocity Equipment Training College, John DeVeau, says “The return on investment is amazing. The Government wins because Aboriginal people secure high paid employment and in turn pay more income tax. Industry wins because they get highly trained Aboriginal workers and the workers win because, after only 12 weeks of training, they secure high paid employment that they can be very proud of.  Finally, with a legacy project, the community wins when we build a road, runway, campground, or start a mine or aggregate operation with students from that community.”

Howard Nash, President of NG Associates, says “This partnership approach to training is a brilliant one and is in line with our approach to develop high–skilled, non-traditional jobs for Aboriginal communities and individuals across Canada.  It is our hope that we can engage industry, government & Aboriginal communities to support students who want to move into a very high-paying career.  After only three months of intensive classroom training and field experience, HVET College graduates can be employed in a heavy equipment job that pays between $60K and $110K per year.”

About High Velocity Equipment Training College and Velocity Training Canada Inc.

High Velocity Equipment Training College is committed to building mutually beneficial relationships with First Nations, Metis, Innu, and Inuit peoples and has developed a respectful method of providing successful mobile heavy equipment operator training within their own communities while addressing the concerns and cultural needs of the First Nations, Metis, Innu, and Inuit people. The training can be an asset not only to the individuals, but also to their families, communities, and the nation.  Bringing the mobile training program into those communities is unique as it addresses the need to provide training close to home and supports a local initiative, which benefits the community as a whole.  High Velocity Equipment Training believes that building confidence and providing soft skills training, employment training, and bridging to employers is an integral part of the Heavy Equipment Operator Training Program and is a critical job function.

Velocity Training Canada Inc. has been operating as a training company in British Columbia for over 10 years, training Aboriginal groups with programs ranging from Youth Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Employment Skills Training, and Accelerated Business Training.  With a curriculum licensing and Train-the-Trainer approach, VTCI’s focus is to supply the tools, training, and curriculum to allow Aboriginal communities or industry to build their own programs or teach existing ones.

About NGAI

NGAI’s experienced Aboriginal associates provide; business consulting, program leadership, feasibility studies, project management, project implementation, community development planning, environmental impact assessment, strategic assessment, business planning, project and program evaluations, training needs assessments, alternative dispute resolution, joint problem solving, negotiations with industry and government, conflict mediation, coaching and training, surveys, data collection, performance monitoring, internal reviews and charter development.

NGAI is also a registered Aboriginal company providing proposal assistance, IRB planning and management, supply chain management, supplier performance monitoring services to OEMs, matchmaking, business development, and contract and project management to SME’s on major Crown projects.

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