Marcel Ashini

Marcel, of Innu descent, has extensive managerial experience with large housing and infrastructure projects as part of his role with the Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation.  He has served as Housing Director, Band Manager and as Director of Special Projects for the Sheshatshiu band council.  Marcel is currently serving as Assistant Director of the Innu Roundtable Secretariat which was established to coordinate aggregate program and management services for Labrador Innu communities.

In addition to his experience in the construction sector, first as a labourer and eventually as a supervisor, he has worked on behalf of Sheshatshiu First Nation to collaborate with officials federally and provincially to further the needs of the reserve and complete contract negotiations.

Marcel was instrumental in establishing the Sheshatshiu reserve by working with the Government of Canada to obtain recognition under the Indian Act.  Furthermore, Marcel has served as an advisor to companies such as Newfoundland Hard-Rok, Valley Rentals and Sales Limited and Silver Spruce Resources Inc. and is Co-owner of Innu Maskua Ashini (Newfoundland Hardrok ltd), Valley Rentals and Speuata (Spectrum Security).

Given his extensive knowledge of corporate issues and local customs, Marcel will prove invaluable in fostering business development opportunities on behalf of NGAI in Labrador.