Steven J. Joudry

Retired, with the military rank of Lieutenant-Colonel, Steven spent 22 years serving Canadians as a military officer.  His work in the military took him across Canada as a trainer in Gagetown, New Brunswick, and in Canada’s North.  His work also took him around the world, including participating on a year-long UN mission in the former Yugoslavia and on operational duty in Lahr, Germany,

Steven, a Mi’kmaq of Bear River First Nation, upon his retirement with the military began a second career in the federal public service working primarily for Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC, formerly Indian and Northern Affairs Canada).  His most recent responsibilities with AANDC and Health Canada as Regional Director, Integrated Management for the Labrador Innu Comprehensive Healing Strategy included facilitating collaboration between the Labrador Innu leadership, the province and other federal stakeholders to oversee the strategy’s implementation and preparations for Innu self-government.

Steven has worked on complex projects such as the Faro Mine Remediation project where he co-chaired the tri-partite committee to reach an agreement on the remediation plan and most recently to help develop the Aboriginal Engagement Strategy.

He has expertise in a variety of areas relating to the interests of First Nations people across Canada, including: conservation, natural resource development, land management, land claim agreements, program management and First Nations government.  As a former executive, Steven is adept at managing program delivery and operational budgets totaling $900 million and overseeing 400 staff.

Steven is currently working as a consultant to establish the Innu Roundtable Secretariat for the coordination of aggregate program and management services for Labrador Innu communities.

NG Associates look forward to working with Steven to creative opportunities for NGAI and new and innovative employment in Labrador.